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ELA-M250 Capsule Mounting

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I heard recently that the CK12 on an ELA-M250/251 is shock mounted.  I've seen pictures of the mic without its head basket and the pieces of the capsule mounting treated with the felt and [maybe] foam.  But is the capsule actually decoupled from the mic's 'skeleton'?  Or is the felt, etc, used as damping material?  If it is decoupled could you explain how that works? 

Thanks in advance.

The capsule in an ELA M 250/251 is directly and firmly connected to the horse shoe-shaped capsule mount via 4 tiny screws. The mount's two flat metal feet are then wrapped in foam and held down by two metal hoops which are hard-mounted with two bigger screws each into the plastic dome of the capsule head.

In addition, the capsule mount has two outrigger feet welded to its base- one pointing forward, the other backward.  These additional feet act as stabilisers against front-to-back motion of the capsule mount inside the hoops. Each outrigger, then, connects to the plastic dome via a thin felt pad.

You could call a primitive damping system consisting of foam and felt a 'shock mount', with some liberty attached to the word "shock".

The mount is unfortunately not very good in preventing low frequency body/shock transmission into the capsule.

Thank you for the very clear explanation. 

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