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What is you Favorite Isolation Construction Solution

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Trying to start some new threads here on the new Forums!! I thought I'd start a bit of a pole for the designers and DIYers and everyone in between.. Feel free to chime in. I'll start:

I would have to say that one of my absolute favorite isolation contruction techniques is the Jack-Up Concrete slab using Mason Industries FS or FSN Isolators. This very elegant construction solution provides near 100% efficiency down to something like 2Hz when properly engineered and executed. It's not perfect, but it (can be) darn close. I don't know of a better solution for structurally decoupling a concrete slab and serving as the foundation for a great floating room with a very low natural frequency. You can look at: http://www.mason-industries.com/masonind/private/files/pdf/acs102v3.pdf

There are other companies that make similar competing products, but I have not found one that I like better than the Mason castings and installation technique. We use this solution on most projects that can afford the materials and support a concrete slab as the basis for floating rooms.

And I would add, for budgets which do not permit the jack-up springs, that the Mason EAFM isolators, with a properly designed and built "floated" room, also work very, very well. Have used these materials scores of times with great success.

The Mason system goes down to 2Hz? What is it made of? This is really low.

Here we use mostly BSW Regufoam or Sylomer and AMC systems - which use Sylomer in a lot of products. The large AMC Spring + Sylomer systems are really good.

It's hard to get the Sylomer past 7Hz - which is usually low enough a frequency anyway. Lower we can only achieve with springs here. And usually it's difficult to get them down to 4Hz or 3Hz. We work with ARVAL for the load bearing steels sub-structures


AMC also has a jack-up system, using Sylomer. Really similar to the Mason one. But I have never used it myself on a studio project.

Thomas... Yes, the Spring Jack Up system  (FS) is almost 100% efficient.. DC - Light!!  :o

Seriously, there is high 90% efficiency at 2-3Hz if I remember correctly. It's an engineered spring system (sized for specific point loads) that sits in a Bridge Bearing Neoprene "Cup"..

It's difficult to get enough deflection on any elastomere to get much lower than 7-8Hz as you mention...

The 2" Deflection Spring system gets very low fn...
Not cheap.. (we typically 'settle' for 7-9Hz with the 1" Deflection Springs).. but...


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