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New sub-forums in the acoustics section?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if maybe we'd need to split the acoustics section in a couple sub-forums.

Maybe one oriented towards "Studio Design in Theory & Practice" and another for the eventual "Studio Build & DIY" Threads?


This new software is a great opportunity to try and inject some more life in this little place!

Hello Thomas :)

I think that this may be a good idea.

Ideas? Hm... I would suggest something about "loudspeaker design theory and practice", or/and "loudspeakers in rooms"... I'm not sure.
But I'm sure that "discussion" about "which loudspeakers are best for xxx$" isn't a discussion I try to cause with my suggestions.   ;D
Even if we trying very hard, :) we can't separate loudspeakers from rooms, at least, in studio acoustics... IMHO
Old forum has couple of topics that are correlated with loudspeakers... if I remember...
Different sub-forums sometimes may motivate members to post more (different) questions... who knows? :)

It's an ambitious throught Thomas, but Maybe we should try to inject some life into one forum section first... some new thread ideas?? (Those stickies should be coming over soon as well)... not trying to be a wet-blanket or anything... just my 5 cents..

Well, for now there are no build threads, but if we get a request for that, I think it may be a good idea to have a small separate sub-section for it.

Let's see when it happens.

Hey guys - administrator boy here... just let me know what you would like to have happen... and happen it shall.  We're still a couple of week from having all the necessary stuff done to complete the move, but anytime after that is complete it shouldn't be too much of a struggle to add whatever you guys decide you would like.



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