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Kitchen Open, Come On In!


We got a new Wolff sixteen-burner, commercial-grade 24-hr. stove, new tables, chairs, even replaced the old David Cassidy posters on the wall with brand-new Justin Bieber movie shots!

The only thing we are still waiting for is a big load of PSW left-overs from the old place that we wisely rescued from the compost bin and threw in the freezer before the wrecking ball came down.

Give it a few more days, and all will be as it was before, only better!

Great!  I'll have some chili & cornbread with a side of Neumanns, please.

    Scott Gould

Some day, when you are old and feeble you can tell your grand kids: "I was the very first customer ever in the (now famous and utterly unaffordable) Three-Star Michelin eatery-when the whole place still smelled of fresh paint, and the chefs were still a bit wobbly..."

John Whitmer:
Klaus, et al.,

Just found the new location - good to know where it is.  I'll spread the word.

In the beginning I used a simple trick to find this forum: replace the letter 'c' in recforums with the letter 'p' and I am there, as all other parts of the URL stayed the same.



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