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Jim Williams:

--- Quote from: polypals on October 27, 2014, 08:26:15 PM ---Recording engineers an arrogant bunch?

--- End quote ---

They used to be when there was billions to be made.

Now you see them on the Laural Canyon 101 offramp holding a sign that reads: "Will mix for food".

I am not that hungry, there is still a decent income to be made for
experienced pros.

There is... but way too many of my friends who used to be booked 15+ months in advance are now "lucky" to get 120 days of work at "card rate" a year... its a sad state in which we live these days.


The old guys past on.
The young guys got old.
The labels got more and more paranoid and apprehensive.
Too many in the younger generation got lazy/ignorant in their musical tastes.
In the forties and fifties, children were exposed to big bands and symphony orchestras that had top-notch professional musicians playing music by real composers. Whether you liked it or not, you were exposed to quality music.
Popular music became even more of a copycat of itself.
School music programs were left under funded if not ended completely. Music appreciation classes arenít mandatory.
Home/self recording kept musicians from learning from seasoned professionals.
MP3ís created a quantity over quality paradigm.
The bar band scene became increasingly exploitive, making it harder for original acts to get exposure.
The loudness wars destroyed nuance in recorded music.
Perhaps to a lesser extent the fact that the eighties and nineties saw a mean spirited and hateful element come into popular music. Shock value, rather than musicianship or message became the selling point.
On and on it goes.
Tis truly a sad time dear friendsÖdino

Jim Williams:
While all that came about, music has lost it's influence and importance in the average person's life. It was a driving force in the 1960's, today it's a footnote.

People have many more diversions available for their entertainment dollar, music is just another facet to compete against all of that.

I submit if the internet didn't exist, music would be far more important and popular than it is today. Bored people will play music if there's nothing else to do.


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