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Rules of the house... READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!

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In Sonny Barger's Autobiography he commented "anytime there is a rule it means that someone did something to necessitate it"... and went on to cite examples like "no throwing ammunition in the camp fire", "no sleeping with another member's girlfriend", and a few more I can't remember at the moment.

In Sonny's case the rules seem rather simple and plain common sense... and generally, for the majority of the time this forum has been around, we really didn't need to post "the rules" as an "announcement" as most people follow the [pretty much] unwritten guidelines.

To that end, I have deemed it necessary to write some of the unwritten for the purposes of clarification.

Simply - use your real name.  If you have something to say here, please feel free to say whatever it is you would like [however, decisions on the appropriateness of the comment is open to interpretation... and the decision of the judges is final]... ad hominem comments are not welcome!!!!  ...as is commercially motivated information unless you've PM'ed me and cleared it first [some will be permitted - most will not].

I would like everyone to be accountable for their statements, so if you have a doubt as to whether or not what you're about to post is cool or not... a good rule of thumb is don't post anything here you wouldn't say to someone's face.  In other words - no ad hominem bullshit - period - keep it professional.  Its fine to disagree, but its not fine to call someone out because of a spelling error, or call them a "school yard" name. 

When you respond to a post - pretend you're in the same room with the poster to whom you're responding and all should work out perfectly.  Anonymity is a powerful tool for mis-information as well as marketing / hype dissemination and the feeling you can get away with personal attacks.  To further the "anti-anonymity" concept, it will be greatly appreciated if you attach a link to your professional affiliation. 

By professional affiliation I mean a link to your studio [if you have one], or a link to your discography if you're an independent.  A link to the company by whom you're employed [as is usually my case] so we can have a better understanding of your point of reference, or in some cases, biases. 

If you are a "weekend warrior" [and there is nothing wrong with that] then please add "weekend warrior" [so similar] to your signature file or the end of your post.  If you just got out of school - cool... welcome to the forum with open arms... but it will be helpful to know that you are at the entry level of the game.  It doesn't necessarily mean that anyone will look down upon your posts, but it can give other posters an idea of your level of experience and probably help them to be patient when correcting the "facts" you have been taught while at school.

If you would like to add link to a cause with which you are involved, or a cute saying, etc. -- feel free... BUT, "real name" and "professional affiliation" are mandatory.  The only exceptions [and once again, the decision of the judges is final] will be folks I've seen here [and on other forums] for a bunch of years who have a history of being respectful, and have "earned their stripes".  Some are known to me, others are not but will be "grandfathered" in until I feel a request to add "name and professional affiliation" is needed [at which point a PM will be sent with that request].

Last - if you don't have "first hand" experience with something - CLARIFY YOUR STATEMENT about it.  For example saying "its common knowledge that ______ makes shitty gear" is totally unacceptable.  There are tons of "common knowledge" things that are total horseshit.  What is acceptable is "I tried to use a _____ from _____ when trying to record (mix, overdub, etc.) a Djembe and it totally sucked hamster dick".  If that's your impression of the tool in that application, no problem.  There are some forum sets on the internet that thrive in the creation and support of bullshit myths.  This ain't one of them!!!!

So... hopefully there aren't too many rules, and hopefully there will be no need to add any rules... basically, the hope is that no one will do anything that will indeed necessitate the installation of additional rules... so, if you could use a bit of "common sense" and refrain from throwing live ammunition into a fire, then chances are better than even we won't have to jot down any additional rules.


 8) Dam good rules!!

I'm using my own photo & have links of my professional affiliation down here, so I hope it's adequate  :)

Couldn't be more perfect Agus... hope you enjoy the forum!!



--- Quote from: Fletcher on March 14, 2012, 04:18:18 PM ---Couldn't be more perfect Agus... hope you enjoy the forum!!


--- End quote ---
Thanks Fletcher, great forums !


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