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e-cue wrote on Sat, 24 November 2007 00:54
And it's dishwasher safe.  Awesome Brad.

When I say it's clean, I mean it's clean...

I split all the EQ talk off to a new thread - if interested you can read it here...

Looking into this deal more these days.......so I have a few questions:

1- Which type of switch would be better to use for (balanced) inserts?
A) 4 pole, 2 position, dual deck  or
B) 2 pole, 2 position, quad deck  or
(I guess the question is: is there a sonic difference or preference to keeping each line on its own deck vs. one deck handles + & - ...?)

2- What is the proper way to handle the shield (gnd; pin 1) inside the box?

3- Brad, can you tell us again who you used to make the face-plate and where you got the box?

Any input and/or suggestions is appreciated.

I'll let someone with more tech knowledge answer the switch question, though I doubt it matters either way.

No grounding in my box other than taking pin3 to ground at the XLR inputs.

Chassis is made by Par-Metal (awesome company). Faceplate was designed using FrontPanelExpress software and ordered through them directly. I've used this for every piece of custom gear in my room (probably ordered a dozen panel by now). Great company, great work.

A quick note for those not familiar with Par-Metal and Front Panel Express.

Par-Metal: The cases listed on their site come with metal handles and front panels by default.  If you ask for a case without the handles you get a small discount.  Also, if you are planning to have a custom front panel made for you from FPE or any other company, you can also request your case from Par-Metal without one to save another few dollars.  You can essentially get the case for $10+ cheaper than what they have listed on their site.

Front Panel Express: From experience, quadruple check all hole sizes and locations before ordering.  Print the image out and lay the knobs on the panel to verify the spacing will work.  Also, make sure to account for the size of the component on the inside.  There is no undo once they run the panel through the CNC machines.

Hope that helps.

BTW-Love the passive console.  I designed and am building one similar but it's all relays with several other features.



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