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Author Topic: Free Guitar Tracks For your Recording  (Read 4520 times)


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Free Guitar Tracks For your Recording
« on: October 21, 2005, 08:43:06 PM »

Hey Everyone-

If you need some guitar laid down for your recordings I would be happy to do it for FREE! I am a Professional Guitarist and Instructor of 10 years and have been playing for 20 years - For more about me see: http://www.hamrockmusic.com/
All I ask is that you send me a High Quality Copy of the Final Mixed Track to use for my portfolio. I play all styles including Rock, HardRock, Jazz, Classical, Latin, Country, Blues, Electronic, etc.

You can email me an Mp3 of a mix of your song or post it on your Artist Page. Send me an email at hamrockmusic@cox.net (Do not reply to this thread) with the following information for the track:

- Type Of Guitar
1)Single Coil Strat or Tele (good for Clean Rock, Blues, Funk, Country)
2)Humbucker Solidbody PRS or Les Paul (good for Harder Rock, Jazz)
3)Jazz Hollowbody Electric (Good for Jazz, Acid Jazz, Country, Rockabilly)
4)Steel String Acoustic (Good for Folk, Rock)
5)Nylon String Acoustic (Good for Latin, Classical, Flamenco)

- Style of Guitar Part (Lead, Rhythm, a little of both)

- Guitar Sound (Clean, Overdriven, Distorted)

- Effects or EQ (Dry, Compression, EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Wah, Echo, Tremolo, etc)

- File Format (Wav or Aiff)
- Sample Rate (44.1KHz or 48KHz)
- Bit Depth (16 or 24)

I will then record the part, do a mix, and send you a link to listen to and approve. If you want something changed - No prob. I have Pro Gear Including:
Fender American Strat and Tele
Gibson ES-775 Hollowbody
Fender Custom Made 7-String Electric
Gibson Les Paul
Taylor 714 Acoustic
Mikhail Robert Classical
Fender Deluxe Amp
Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 Amp
Groove tubes trio Preamp
Line 6 Pod-XT
MOTU Digital Performer
Various Native Instruments and Waves Plugs
Avalon 737sp Mic Preamp
An assortment of Mics

Hope to hear from you!
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