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Author Topic: IBIS Users Rejoice!!!  (Read 1393 times)

MASSIVE Mastering

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IBIS Users Rejoice!!!
« on: September 14, 2005, 10:43:04 pm »

I was up at Crane Song again Tuesday (Yes, I took a BUNCH more photos this time - I'll have them posted soon.  If I had any idea the first bunch would've slammed my counter, I would've taken more last time).  

Anyway -

Any other Ibis users out there have been waiting for this - I bugged Dave about it a while back, but didn't want to push it...  He's a busy guy, and it seems so... mundane...(?)  However, I was urged to bring it up while I was there again, so here it is...  Finally - An IBIS Recall Sheet!  In TIF and PDF format.  

 http://www.massivemastering.com/special/CraneSongIbisRecall. tif  - (230 dpi for 9.5" landscape)
 http://www.massivemastering.com/special/CraneSongIbisRecall. pdf (landscape - 9.5" centered on 8.5 x 11 page)

I'll keep them up for quite a while I'm sure, and at some point I'll make sure to get them to the "recall sheet outposts" out there.  Enjoy!
John Scrip
Massive Mastering - Chicago (Schaumburg / Hoffman Est.), IL - USA
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