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waldo [Casey Williams]:
Just posted a comment to a psw article. There's no linking from these comments to our forum personalities; no surprise there, just sayin'.

There is an oddball captcha sort of test: "please type the 3rd letter of the word 'microphone'." I love it! I have always wanted to see something like that. (Although it would not be hard to write a script to defeat it, I fear.) Anyway, +1 there!

Important note: "view comment guidelines" --> http://www.prosoundweb.com/eh/comment_guidelines/ is a dead link.

Are the comments moderated? You enter your email, but I didn't get a confirmation follow-thru email, nor has my comment appeared. Perhaps this question is answered in the "comment guidelines" which I tried to read, but...uh...


waldo [Casey Williams]:
Ah, a few minutes later and it has posted. Just some normal latency then.

Well, in my post, I used "i.e." when I meant "e.g.". But another difference from our forum posts is that there's no edit button. Luckily my mother is unlikely to read it.

John Roberts {JR}:
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