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Author Topic: Help needed with basic drum mix :-)  (Read 979 times)

Shaun Thomson

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Help needed with basic drum mix :-)
« on: August 03, 2005, 10:53:12 AM »


I'm trying to mix some drums that I got from a custom drum track recording service.

I haven't had much experience doing this, and am struggling to get a sound happening.

The drum service sent a stereo mix of the drums as well as the nine individual drum tracks, and for practice, I am trying to match the sound of their mix.

I have made two mp3 snippets of the drums - Mix A is their mix, and MIx B is mine. The takes are actually slightly different, but the sounds should be the same (same session, same mics etc).

Can you please offer your advice as how I can get my mix to sound more like theirs? Any specific info would help i.e. boost kick by 3db at 80hz, cut at 380 by 3db etc.

Here are the links - the files are 192kb, but less than 150k each in size:



Also, if anyone near Sydney Australia would be willing to let me sit in on a few mixing sessions, especially when mixing drums, I'd would really appreciate it (I make a mean coffee!!!).


Best regards

Shaun Thomson
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