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Author Topic: FTP for mastering work  (Read 4095 times)


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Re: FTP for mastering work
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2006, 11:38:19 pm »

I'm using Ace-host. ehhh package. they say 3 gigs of space and 60 gigs of bandwidth but I can tell you I have about 20 gigs on there right now. I don't think they keep track cause when I log in it says i'm using 532 megs. $4/month plus lots of goodies to host your site. Seems to go down about once a month for about 5 hours. But i'm uploading and downloading from about 10am to 10pm so I notice when it goes down. most probably won't notice. I also complain a lot so maybe they let me slide. What I hate is my connections. I have DSL at home (they say the fast one) 100up 400down. And I have cable at the studio 75up (average) and 275down (average). the cable is the basic small business package at $110/month. freakin rip off if you ask me. But i'm zoned for business so they rack you over the coals. In the City, Verizon is putting up access points on their payphones and I have one right under my studio. I'm praying and writing for them to put one on that payphone so I can dump the cable connection and use my home dsl account to login to the access point. who couldn't use an extra $110/month?
Michael Fossenkemper
TurtleTone Studio
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