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Author Topic: What guitars/amps/effects were used on the Secret Club album?  (Read 1168 times)


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I'm sure this has been documented somewhere, but the only I can recall is that you used a PA amp of some sort?  That could be WAY off...

I'm really enjoying the guitar tones on the album--both clean and distorted.  Care to do a full run down?  At least your live setup anyway.  I'm sure there were numerous pieces of equipment used in the studio...


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Re: What guitars/amps/effects were used on the Secret Club album?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2005, 01:53:45 pm »


do you want to know exactly what was used on each song?

for now i'll just list the stuff we used.


1972 fender telecaster thinline modified with rio grande P-90's
1969 re-issue fender telecaster thinline, with seymore duncan humbuckers in both positions
1980's Fender strat

Guitar Amps:


Marshall JCM-800 50 watt 2205
Traynor YVC-1 50watt (this is a four input "PA head"....yeah right)
Acoustic GT-60
Mesa Boogie SOB Mk I
MusicMan (can't recall the model number)
Smokey Amps
Vox AC-15
Univox (can't recall the model number, it's big an d blue)

1929 Volutone (i found it at a garage sale, small combo, one knob, "volume", sounds amazing)
Gibson combo (really old, again one single knob, "volume", sounds amazing)
some old peavey bass amp that sounded way better on clean guitar then bass
Acoustic GT-60
Evil Twin DI

two different Fender P-Basses (one with flat wounds)
Fender Mustang with flat wound strings
Epiphone hollow body

Bass Amps:
Ampeg SVT
Sans Amp RBI
Evil Twin DI

not a single guitar effects pedal was used on the sessions, nothing was ever plac ed in between the guitars and the amps being used at any one given time.  we kept our tuners out of the chain.

we tried to get the cleanest signal path we could to avoid any major noise problems.

any guitar effects you hear on the record were done at mix.

live, jeff and i only have tuners and volume pedals on the floor.  we basically go straight into our amps, drive them hard, and use volume pedals to go clean.



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Re: What guitars/amps/effects were used on the Secret Club album?
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2005, 07:26:42 pm »

That Univox is a 1060 model, by the way.  
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