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opening track of "we have the facts and are voting yes"


Hi Chris,

I quite interested in the opening track of "we have the facts...".

This is the opening track that starts out lo-fi.  When first listening to it, my reaction was, hmmm, this is kinda lo-quality but bearable..., it held for so long, then it opened up on the second verse.  Quite spectacular.

I'm planning a similar technique with a recording I'm doing, but giving the opening sound more of a billie holiday-esque lo-fi quality.

Please tell us how you pulled this off... mics, pre's, placement?  Did you just fade in some quality mics that were already in place on that take?


interestingly enough, i use this song a lot when teaching/lecturing on production technique... not that it's "never been done before", but in this instance, this particular effect is done really well.

i too would be interested to know...



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