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Mixing the record now, at Smart, in Madison.  We've been really lucky throughout the course of this album to work at great places; studios where the people are clearly in love with what they do; where things are well-maintained and the couches are cleaned periodically.

Smart is just great, perfect for mixing a large format rock record.  The Trident A-Range works.  I now understand why people love it so.

I'm realizing, for the first time in many ways, why RADAR is so right-on.  Smart has a brilliant control room, so the resolution and transient detail of the multi-track masters have never been so clear to me.  And the stuff is standing up really well against my reference records; my additive EQ seems to be complementing real sounds, rather than just adding something that may have been missing.  And RADAR tech support has been totally unbelieveable.  Do not consider buying a big digital rig without considering RADAR; you'd be a sheep to overlook it.

Some other raves of the moment:

Laura Veirs / 'Carbon Glacier'
My go-to reference record for 'Plans' has been 'Carbon Glacier', a record that came out last year.  Laura is a Seattle songwriter who defies category pretty completely and, in a way, that's why this record is so fantastic.  She's a fearless and proud and her vision and voice are very clear.  The presentation and focus of this record, produced by fellow Seattlite Tucker Martine, are not to be passed over.

The Chandler TG-1
Why is it that what I think of as a 'limiter' never sounds like a 'limiter' in this world?  Why have I been waiting a lifetime for something that does what the Chandler does?  Why did EMI ever quit making these?

The Blood Brothers / 'Crimes'
As though someone brought a flamethrower to your dance party.  Terrifying and unthinkably heavy and dangerous like an angry racoon.  There aren't enough metaphors to make it make sense.  Go find 'Trash Flavored Trash' at iTunes or wherever and maybe it'll make sense.  Maybe you'll hate it, but you certainly can't call them posers.  Goodmanson wins the rock contest because this record actually rocks.  



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