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Author Topic: record / playback routing problem in my homestudio  (Read 1082 times)


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record / playback routing problem in my homestudio
« on: May 04, 2005, 12:41:02 AM »


i own a Soundcraft Spirit M12 since a few days and i'm pretty much happy with it. but i find out too late there was a big problem for my setup.

before this mixboard i owned a Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24. It had 4 stereo buses. when i wanted to record something, i would just send the desired tracks / aux to the first bus, and the direct outputs from this bus were send to the 2 inputs of my soundcard (Echo Mia).

now with my spirit m12 the problem is that it doesn't have any bus. how do i record my guitar (i'm using a pod) ? i need the playback to play in time. but if i play it it will be recorded, as my soundcard input is connected to the main xlr out of my spirit m12. sure there are direct outs for the first 12 mono tracks but i've got 2 outboard FX as auxiliaries that i like to record as well at the same time (a little reverb, or a little delay...)

this is very stupid of me but i thought "don't worry you'll find a solution" when i bought it (i was in a hurry) but i realise i can't find one.

here's a picture of the spirit m12

http://www.soundcraft.com/images/products/product_sheet/spir it_m_series/m12_hires.jpg

the output of my soundcard is plugged to the playback in L/R. the input to the main XLR out.

the "P/B replace mix" button just mute all 16 tracks to only leave the p/b signal. the phones input does the same as the monitor input.

i've been scratching my head since a few days for a solution but couldn't find a simple and efficient one.

thanks for any help and sorry if my post doesn't fit the forum.


Dave Peck

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Re: record / playback routing problem in my homestudio
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2005, 01:45:51 PM »

You should have kept the board with the subgroups (but I'm guessing you know that by now).

There is a workaround, but it's a bit clumsy. Use a pair of AUX SENDS to create the stereo mix that you send to the recorder. Be sure that your playback channels don't have the AUX SENDs turned up to avoid the feedback loop.
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