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I forget the name of the song- it's on Transatlanticism.  There is a break in the song where the drums are just playing a slow, simple beat.  They sound like they are way far away.  Almost like they are in a cave or something.  How did you get that sound?  It thought it may have been room mics, but not sure.  Could you shed some light.  I love that part, and the way it was recorded.  Thanks Chris

I have no idea what song you're talking about.  If you give me a title, I'll be happy to help.

--  Chris

Sorry for being vague.  The song is called "Lightness".  It's in the middle.  

Also, are you guys influenced by Bjork?  It's weird, cause I'm starting to find out that all of the bands that I love are influenced by her.  Sometimes I hear it in the vocals.  

Thank you for your time.  You guys make some kller music!

Lightness is a six microphone drum kit  ?

Thank you so much for your time.  I hope to see you guys the next time you're in Sacramento.  I've been anticipating ever since I first heard you.  Really good.  Peace!


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