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DAW & Desks: Is ANYBODY actually still mixing on their desk?

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Nathan Eldred:
I'm mixing outside of the box on a real console.  I can't get anywhere near the same results ITB (or on a digital console, same thing to my ears) as out.  Not to mention I'm using 2" 16 track now, but I have no hesitation in tracking basics to the 2" and dumping into Samplitude via Lavrys.  I'm still @ 48k and it sounds incredible.  I'm not losing that much, and it's still light years ahead of the digital with absoultely no extra effort.  So between tape and analog console, the sonics are very over the top in a good way.  But the computer is there for ease of comping, editing, duplicating, time aligning, adding a funky effect on one word or note when the client requests it, yada yada.

I've got to echo everyone else's repsonse. I track to 2" when the project allows and then bounce to a hard drive. I can't stand the sound of mixing in the box. I run everything back into an 80b,while using the automation in the DAW. Until something drastic changes, I am much happier with the sound of analog summing.

Kirt Shearer
Paradise Studios

approx 90% out of the box these days, on a real desk.

More and more working on the DAW I find but always mixing on a desk (Old Trident with 'issues') and (mostly, like 99%) running stems to analog multitrack and mixing from the tape machine.
Also using outboard FX, limiters etc.
Will have automation, submixing, edits obviously &  some occasional plugs etc happening on the stems going to analog.
When I 1st got the DAW I did do some ITB action but discovered the results I was getting, while 'ok' weren't all that great sonically compared to the OTB vibe.
I'll never forget the ITB mixes went out on a commercial release & I saw later on a (genre-specific) music forum some, I assumed, college student writing about the release eg: 'kinda cool project but what happened to the SOUND? Something changed, it seems all digital'...or to that effect..
Anyway, I was pretty amazed that basically an 'end consumer' could  hear the diff between a&b...and they were right too!

I'm mixing on my Studer 901 for clients who appreciate the difference, and for myself.  For clients who just want it quick, I work ITB.  After going thru my mid-90's 02R phase, the increase in midrange resolution (not to mention fader/panpot resolution), etc., that the Studer provides was immediately and dramatically apparent.  You can also hit the buses with as much as you like and it never sounds saturated.


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