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Author Topic: the nesa one the project  (Read 2815 times)


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the nesa one the project
« on: April 20, 2005, 02:37:44 am »

my project Nesa Start borned since the need of giving to audiopiles the possibility of reproducing a sound scene detailed and characterised by high resolution.

You may ask:"how to do?","how i did it?"
Just analyzing the prerogatives and only the phylosofy of Bob Caver ologram sonic generator, realising a generator based on modern technology, with low noise,high quality of sound, ultra fast wide band, low t.h.d. and ultra high quality audio resolution.The low t.h.d. and the high fun of listening give to the audience an high pleasure.
The system can be used with 2 or 4 loud speaker,in the version with 4 is a traditional surroundwith the sound field adapter.In the vesion with only 2 it acts as an equipement that recreates "LIVE" effects and in this situation is an extreme high quality auto-correlator and recreate the sound ologram in ambience.

The system is not compatible with digital 5+1 because captures and gives back the analogic that is elaborated.This also means that it could applied to the reproduction of SACD and for high-end quality.
In this way all the analogic records can be now modified with this new system if they aren't affected by too much noise.
Im looking forward to develop this equipment with the partnership of a factory because is really a new solution,I'm not joking it is great.Thanks for your time and if you have others questins i will be pleased to answer by e-mail.Best regards,

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