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Thanks for agreeing to do this, Chris (Mr. Walla?). It is much appreciated.

Here's my (first) question: since you're a member and the producer of DCFC, do you ever have to deal with a loss of objectivity when it comes time to mix your records? If so, how do you overcome that?

Thanks again for your time, and congratulations on your success,

Yes, yes.  I lose some objectivity with mixes.  I'd be lying if I denied it.  

That said, I do feel like I have an insight with this band that another producer or engineer would have to learn as I have.  I mean, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, their own confidences and neuroses, and I defy any well-meaning producer to identify them in each member of any band very quickly.  There's the feedback issue, as well:  I know the difference (in my band, anyway) between a personal performance insecurity and a big red flag.

Wait...  I didn't really answer your question!

For 'Transatlanticism' I overcame the problem for two songs by hiring John Goodmanson to mix.  He's someone I know and like, and whose work I've admired for years.  That part was easy.  Aside from that, there's never really been much question about it; it's cheap and easy for me to work on the records because I'm in the band, and that's an element of how we've gotten to where we are.  If something is truly being compromised, I'll hand it off.

Thanks for a well-thought-out answer.


Chris I became a fan on "Transatlanticism". I liked the tunes and the use of space in the mixes also. I'm looking forward to hearing the new one. Best of luck.
Dave McNair


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