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a couple questions kind sir
On the actual song , transatlantacism , how did you do that knocking sound . Its a wonderful hipnotic undertone to the song and it builds nicely .  also I see you are choosing smart studios to mix at . Ive recorded there a couple times and Im friends with mike the studio manager . Im curious why you chose smart ( great people ) .


The drum machine sound is a Maestro Rhythm Ace, the one down at Tiny Telephone.  I ran it through a string of delays; a few during tracking and two during the mix.  There's also a Master Room in the mix somewhere.  The concept was to get something like Eno's 'Sombre Reptiles'.

Smart was chosen as the mix room in part because the people were so warm and welcoming (Mike especially - I went to his wedding reception the night I toured the studio!), and in part because their control room sounds completely, totally fantastic.  As in, it's the sort of place I've always wanted to sit and listen to music for ten hours at a time, for weeks on end.  If a control room makes you totally interested in listening to music, something good is happening.

I've known Mike Zirkel at Smart for a few years now... he's a wonderful person and a kick-ass engineer.

Whenever I have a chance to master something he has done I'm a really happy guy.....



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