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Author Topic: Manley 16x2x4  (Read 979 times)


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Manley 16x2x4
« on: April 06, 2005, 05:59:54 PM »


Give me your opinion about Manley 16x2x4!!!!

Well actually my goal would be to summ  DAW*s 18 analog outputs(Digi 002 -8,Apogee Rosetta 800-8,TC finalizer plus -2 out*s.
and a few external reverbs(Lexicon 91,81) and delay+s.I have also Manley VoxBox,TL 5052 and MindPrint DTC as a front end.
I would like to have exeptional headroom and clearence.So my questions would be:

1.Can you realy compare sound of Manley with Neve consoles?

2.Can you compare it with TL audio VTC or M3

3.Can you compare it with Yamaha 02R96 or DM 2000?

4.Using external reverbs and delay*s  what is your expirience with Aux returns to Manley(*cos it has only one stereo aux return ,that 4 linking two consoles),if you wanna save input chanels.Did you summ auxes first on some other summ-consoles,or you summ signals and reverbs in your DAW.What is better solution for stereo image?
What is better solution to increase headroom separation and clearence?

Please let me know your total expirience about this console.
Thanks and best regards,

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