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Hey Chris,

I'm curious about the feedback effect on the vox towards the end of this song (last one on the LP you did.)

What's going on there?

Also, were you tracking through a desk or outboard pres on that record?


That record was done exclusively with the Quad Eight, tracked and mixed in seven days.

The feedback effects (on 'Red Like Roses' and 'Death') are nothing more than an MX-5050 fed back upon itself through the console.  The 5050 is great.  Cheap, bulletproof and easy to beat up on in a totally musical, pleasing way.

And mixed to a DAT, no less.

As a Quad Eight owner (pres, not a console) I'm pleased to hear that. I had no idea that's what you had.

Great sounding record, DAT or no DAT.

By the way, did they track through that Line 6 amp they use live?


Ryan Massey:
Sometimes when I see them live I want to beg Judah to please get rid of that damn Line 6.  I know it's nice to have a lot of sounds in one box, but none of the sounds are as good as they should be...
Still love the band, though.


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