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Author Topic: Support your niche – it’s getting better!  (Read 1275 times)


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Support your niche – it’s getting better!
« on: April 05, 2005, 04:03:54 pm »

Back in 2001, during my short stint as PSW’s recording editor, I wrote some rants about the sorry state of the recording industry.  I must confess: I pulled my punches.  I was in even deeper despair than I let on.

The mass market music was mostly crap.  The Pro Tools stuff sounded like crap, especially when mixed in the box.  The MP3s and their players sounded like crap.  I had faint hope for the future.

News flash: the situation is improving.  Pro Tools HD is passable, particularly in conjunction with analog mastering.  Even MP3s seem to have edged up closer to CDs – though I still only pay cash money for SACDs or vinyl.

The biggest hope is internet radio.  Yeah, most mainstream pop/rock is still crap.  But there’s lots of great music being recorded, mostly on small labels.  You just gotta know what you want and start looking for it.  I bless my cable modem daily, and all those stations investing in 64 kbs-plus streams.

Me, I’m a roots/Americana guy, and recently I discovered WDVX out of Knoxville.  Every time I tune in, I hear a half-dozen great recordings I’d never heard before.  Some oldies, but lots of new ones as well. Hey folks, it’s really out there!  I sent money to the (listener-supported) station immediately.

True, most of this niche stuff is harder to find and buy.  But it’s purchasable via internet order if you can wait a few days for a CD.  Alas, if you want to download from I-tunes, it’s chancy.  I was blown away by a ’94 Greg Brown tune (“Dream Caf
Bruce Borgerson
Sound Supervisor, First UMC, Medford, OR
"You can't stand up all by yourself..."

ted nightshade

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Re: Support your niche - it's getting better!
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2005, 10:42:17 am »

brewsbee wrote on Tue, 05 April 2005 13:03

Screw the mainstream!  Find your musical niche. Play it, record it, support it, and pump life into this reconfigured, decentralized, flattened-out industry.  The major label dinosaurs deserve to die, though the great recording studios will be missed.

End rant.

Will do!
Ted Nightshade aka Cowan

There's a sex industry too.
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Ryan Leigh Patterson

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Re: Support your niche ? it?s getting better!
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2005, 07:05:13 am »

DIE !!!!! You big monopolistic garbage-producing, lowest-common-denomenator-seeking, major-label pigs!!!

Okay, thats it....

Yeah, support your favs...go see em play live, get into the scence, make some good music!

Ryan Patterson
Toronto, Ontario


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Re: Support your niche ? it?s getting better!
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2005, 04:59:09 am »



I understand you mean this figuratively...

But, I am just getting in the game here and I don't want them to die.

I mean, I live in a RFZ (Radio Free Zone) so who gives a fukk.

And what do you mean  "the sorry state"?

Is this something new?

Most people think Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Shania write the music and lyrics....um, they called Elvis the King....

King of what?


Or the King before Elvis...."I did it my way"  All he did was read the fukken words off the paper...how inspirational!

Did you know that Moon rhymes with June?


There were no black kings back then because, well, they were black and they did fukked up shit like writing their own songs and playing their own instruments and performing powerfully.

And everyone went to see them, they just weren't the kings.

This is nothing new, it's called the free market.  Have you checked out who has been running for political office lately?

So what if all the big studios here suddenly stopped bragging about their famous shitty pop stars and started catering to music?

I would be back working for someone else....studio closed...

When my bros and I are on the way to a gig we listen to Hendrix, Elmore James or Deicide, we don't turn on the radio and listen to what some stupid kunt in Berlin is selling soap with....

Now I don't think that going to see the kidz playing here in socialist, protected by US tax dollars Europe is the same as going to see James Brown or Nirvana but if they (the bands I love here) were the kings...it would be the end of the intimacy...fortunately French Grindcore will always be intimate.

BTW you can still see Buddy Guy in front of 200 people and Robbie Williams sells out 100,000 ticket venues...

LONG LIVE 600 Euro/per day studio time
LONG LIVE Stuffy Studios who don't have time for kidz  Smile
LONG LIVE compression
LONG LIVE commercialism
LONG LIVE Fixing it on the computer
LONG LIVE Plagerism
LONG LIVE Suckdom...

If Every big studio were focused on art.....um...I'd be fukked

Lemme nough

I used to be self effacing, but I couldn't even do that right....
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