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Thanks Terry - Comping all done then?



I felt compelled to say thanks for all of your remarkable and honest penmanship over the last two months. I feel envious of all of those who have worked on projects with you over the last 40 years. I really can't wait for the book you are writing - I trust you have saved some of the best stories from us so far (it'll be hard to beat A Day In The Life, however).

The stories have been something special, but even more so, offering up your experiences and knowledge has been so enlightening - particularly as you seem to have facilitated great discussion along the way.




Thank you Roland, and thanks to everyone who has participated in these discussions.  It has been my privilege to have learned much from the many excellent questions and answers instigated and posted here.

These threads will be archived, and further discussion continued on Whatever Works, and possible future Fora.  I never got to answer every question, intending to look up some facts, and listen to some music to ascertain others, but hopefully we'll all get to everything eventually.

Best to all!


PS: The comping is never really over!


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