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1/2" 456 at 15ips .....!!!!!

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Brian Kehew:
I have to say I also prefer the GP9 (if you can get it) over all old tape. I liked the old Scotch 226/250 the most, and GP9 has the same warmth with more depth and dynamics, to me.

That's a blast from the past. I used to LOVE tracking Scotch 226 on a Scully 280 1" 8-track, and mix to 456 on 1/4" on an Ampex 350.

I am often reminded that 15 ips sounds very good (1/4" or 1/2") - it just sounds soooo good. IMO, 1/4" 456 @ 15ips just sounds like rock -n-roll..

Yep, 1/4" 456 @ 15ips exclusively here.


I tried your new format suggestion, and discovered that I could get TWICE as much music on the tape!



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