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Tomas Danko:
Another guy who milked the industry while riding it was Armand van Helden. A friend of mine who was about as active back then, Stonebridge, told me how van Helden armed his sampler to record and took the very first thing off the acapella DAT tape, and that was it. Put that line/word/phrase into his own creation and off you go... How's that for arrogance.

They were a handful of guys who could charge big bucks for one remix. Stonebridge always spent about five working days on each remix, unlike Mr. Terry and van Helden it seems...

The big buck remixers of today are probably spending a whole lot more time just editing/stretching/compressing the vocals and what have you.


Tomas Danko

Bob Olhsson:
jwhynot wrote on Sun, 03 April 2005 17:23
...So-called "equal temperament" is a compromise.  To most members of our species it sounds out of tune...
Exactly. The same is true of notes played in time as opposed to relative to time.

The main thing is that the quest for any flavor of recording quality or production technique must always take a back seat to obtaining THE definitive performance. To me great engineering is hitting the record button in time and always having plans B through Z available for that heartbeat after you can hear plan A isn't cutting it. It's a dynamic, responsive thing.

J.J. Blair:
Van Helden II rocks.  "Beautiful Girls"!


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