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Gigantic Chris Blackwell article in Exclaim! mag online



David Kulka:
Ryan, I printed it, read it, and totally enjoyed it.  Never knew he worked on "My Boy Lollipop"!  A lot of interesting stuff.  Many thanks, good call.

Very interesting indeed - the details about the business relationship with U2 are nothing short of of stunning..

I think the days of this kind of self made record man are a thing of the past eg: someone who, with the neccessary business sense, intuition, golden ears, timing, luck etc could build up tiny label into a huge international operation...
Think Island, A&M, Atlantic, Motown etc...
I just can't picture that happening anymore..

Ryan Moore wrote on Sat, 02 April 2005 05:10
I just can't picture that happening anymore..

I hear ya Bono.


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