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I'm so glad we had this time together....


So... here we are on April 1st... where are we going to go from here?

First, I'm happy to be the first to inform that Mr. Manning will be joining Mssr's Hogarth, Rose and Wagener in "Whatever Works" [a forum by, for, and about the engineering trade/craft] so we shant lack for Mr. Manning's humor, knowledge and wonderful ability to tell a great story!! [BTW, Terry... I hope you've been copying down these posts.... I know I'll buy the book when it comes out!!!]

So... what's next?

I thought a 'diary' might be fun!

"Bitchslap" is still in retirement so how about a diary from a "real" record?

Chris Walla, guitarist / producer / engineer from "DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE" will be sharing with us the "day to day" [or two or three days to two or three days] grind in the making of their impending Atlantic release titled "Plans"

"Plans" is the band's 5th album... Chris is at the helm and has agreed to jot down the "day to day" and chronicle them here.

We will hopefully have everything moved and up and running by like Monday April 4th so keep an eye peeled.


Thank you all. As of today, Terry is on board full time and can be found in the Whatever Works forum.


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