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Author Topic: acoustic treatment vs. feel-good factor... need advice  (Read 974 times)

Tom Tannenberger

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acoustic treatment vs. feel-good factor... need advice
« on: April 01, 2005, 02:39:33 AM »

we are just building a studio, at the moment building a wall in a huge loft to seperate recording from mixing room.
the mixing room is about 6,50 x 7,50 meter and the door is (if you look to the recording room) on the very right. also, 3 long aluminium double windows are on that right side and give a nice view.
there´s a 1,50 x 70 meter glass in the dividing wall to keep eye contact with the musicians, and we had some arguing about where to build it in (the frame for it):

one of us 3 is an extremne theoretical person with not much practice, I´m the contrary of it.
like, I say it´s not the most important thing in such a "big" room to stay in the perfect midddle, as then the right free standing monitors (BM8A in the future) are just a few centimeter away from the door, and when you carry a keyboard in and out you´ll IMO will sooner or later scratch the monitors, like you will with the big screen that´s also near the door.
he´s not willing to go away  from his concepts that are basically great (acoustic swamp for the monitors, "sail" abovve the desk/monitors, not trying to make a dead room, staying in the perfect middle)
the ceiling is not straight anyway, at the right side we have yabout 3 meter high, on the left it´s about at least 20 or 30 centimeter higher, one side is full with windows etc - and I think we don´t can measure a perfect middle anyway under this circumstances, and moving 50 cm with desk, monitors and everything to the left away from the door won´t give us a bad monitoring sound. does it?

what is the main (maybe stupid because to average/general) question here: when doing a room, do you turn all the measurements and rules to nonsense when not 100% keep the "ideals" in mind, or are a few centimeters away from the ideals still a good deal? we are doing all by ourself, so no acoustician involved, and the materials won´t be the most expensive ones, still we try to achieve something professional.

from the materials to use for the dividing wall (mixing/recording room) to the placement of the desk/monitors, right through to all little questions about positioning, materials, acoustic treatment/building, we had always our little fights as I think for a better "working atmosphere" etc leaving the ideals for some centimeters won´t do nothing to our sound.
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