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Bill Mueller:
So, one night I was all by myself at Sheffield, finishing up around 2AM and all of a sudden, a gospel song that I had mixed about a month earlier started coming out of the monitors at a very low, very spooky level. I looked around me an all of the machines were turned off! I thought, what the hell is going on? I looked to see if maybe a cassette machine was left on, but I had turned everything but the console off and was gettting ready to walk out the door.

I walked down the hallway and no one else was in the building. The skin on my neck started to crawl and I started to think bad thoughts about ghosts and such.

I walked back into the control room and it was still playing! Wow. I sat there at the SSL trying to figure out if I was finally insane, when the song ended and a commercial came on! I looked down and saw that I had a mic open. It was an old Neuman U67 and if you have delt with old U67's they can pick up RF sometimes.

The band had taken the song right to a radio station and the station had put it in rotation before even being mastered. I just happend to catch the right confluence of cloudy sky, magnetic environment, bad mic cable and ju-ju, and the song floated right into my brain pan at 2AM.

Explainable but very weird.



It was an old Neuman U67 and if you have delt with old U67's they can pick up RF sometimes.

Nothing supernatural there then! Thanks for sharing Bill, very funny    


Thats great,
Makes me wonder how often RF is responsible for what people percieve to be ghostly voices,
Didn't Lucille Ball claim that her fillings picked up radio signals?
I think that was debunked as imossinble/ urban myth tho'..

Ryan Moore wrote on Fri, 01 April 2005 11:02
Hey thats funny - another 'haunted' studio is supposed to be Mushroom Studios in Vancouver....

Sometimes late at night my mind used to play tricks on me over at Darryl Neudorf's  old Miller Block studio (RIP) next to Save on Meats on Hastings St...

I did quite a lot of work there '94-'97...

Hey Ryan,  Good to hear from a Vancouverite! Small world! Darryl Neudorf:.... Grapes of Wrath, 5440.. etc. His studio was just a few blocks from mine.  5440 was threating to do some recording at my studio around christmas... fell through... Last I heard of him was when he was trying to sue Sarah Mclachlan for plagerism. (When your a small time producer, don't sue big stars... it tends to end your career....)

Sorry to everyone for hijacking the thread... we now return to regular programing.

Can you autotune a ghost?


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