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Ryan Moore wrote on Sun, 03 April 2005 00:18
before 2 people pull out their guitars or you head into the rehearsal room / studio - the contracts and pens should come out..(!)..

(Boo! - scared ya!)

Yes, this a very good idea and advise!  

This why we have Jagger/Richards and Lennon/Mcartney labels on all their songs... They signed contracts at the outset stating they would share credit. (regardless of who wrote it) (even if it wasn't their song LOL)

Some of my small time bands simply cannot grasp this.... it is VERY important to get everything in writing up front.

About 4 out of 5 bands I deal with walk away refusing to commit...sad.

Did you at least recognize the melody? Was it familiar to you? Could you now replicate that melody? Maybe someone was trying to channel through the next big pop hit!



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