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i thought there were plenty of 'ghosts' on modern pop productions already (check out the zz top thread)

seriously, though, as a russian, i believe in all matter spooky

the best explanation i've ever heard about ghosts came an old scottish lady

she reckons that ghosts arise in places where there's been a tremendous discharge of emotional energy (studios would probably qualify)

my scientist side, however, baulks at this ideas and, in psychiatry, it never ceases to amaze me how much illusion the brain is capable of

interestingly, when they did a study on earworms, and they turned off the music suddenly, the people still heard the hooks in their heads

what's interesting is that when they scanned the brain, the sound was initiated in the auditory pathways

so in this case, to us the reality is indistiguishable from illusion

similarly, there are optic illusions that are also indistinguihable from the real thing

in line with terry's story of a person walking around, these illusions always occur on the side of the visual field ("corner of the eye") and disappear as soon as we centre our gaze

of course, another theory states that we don't see what we don't register to be real, until it's pointed out to us

and the classics tell us that there are many things in this world, horatio...

all fascinating stuff

Tomas Danko:
Eric Vincent wrote on Fri, 01 April 2005 06:09
That was me, Terry.

I was vacationing in the Bahamas, and thought I would poke in for a chat.

I always sing to myself outloud. I saw you were busy, and so I ducked away.

Sorry if I spooked you.

But you forgot to drop that acetate I asked you to!


rankus wrote on Sat, 02 April 2005 19:27
Ryan Moore wrote on Fri, 01 April 2005 11:02
Hey thats funny - another 'haunted' studio is supposed to be Mushroom Studios in Vancouver....

Sometimes late at night my mind used to play tricks on me over at Darryl Neudorf's  old Miller Block studio (RIP) next to Save on Meats on Hastings St...

I did quite a lot of work there '94-'97...

Hey Ryan,  Good to hear from a Vancouverite! Small world! Darryl Neudorf:.... Grapes of Wrath, 5440.. etc. His studio was just a few blocks from mine.  5440 was threating to do some recording at my studio around christmas... fell through... Last I heard of him was when he was trying to sue Sarah Mclachlan for plagerism. (When your a small time producer, don't sue big stars... it tends to end your career....)

Sorry to everyone for hijacking the thread... we now return to regular programing.

Small World! The Miller Block was great - it was more like a musician's collective / studio & some interesting projects got done there.
Unf it was no longer viable in the aftermath of the legal battle..
For info on that studio which COULD have had its ghosts...
I know I used to sometimes hear stuff late at night..

BTW - the legal case wasn't an issue of plagerism , the claim was based on not being credited for alleged songwriting contributions on early SM material - Mr N had been hired by Nettwerk and flown to Vancouver to work with SM in lengthy  'preproduction' periods for her 1st and (I think) 2cnd albums...
Lawsuits should really be seen as a last resort & in this case thats what happened as there had been unresolved issues with the label concerning  royalties on production 'points' as I understand, for at least 10 yrs prior ...

Anyway - it was a VERY interesting case that many people were watching as it concerned the definition of 'what is songwriting?' & at what point does an idea, chord, beat, arrangement contributed etc constitute songwriting..
Interestingly the songwriting expert witness for the label himself said in court that in his opinion Mr N had contributed x% to ...song / x%...to another and so on, (read here: http://www.afn.org/~afn07339/c11.html)
but in his final verdict the judge dismissed the claims entirely saying that there should have been an agreement in effect BEFORE they'd started the work.
This set a landmark that dismayed songwriters associations in Canada as basically it means,
before 2 people pull out their guitars or you head into the rehearsal room / studio - the contracts and pens should come out..(!)..

And now back to our regularily scheduled program!

(Boo! - scared ya!)

wwittman wrote on Sat, 02 April 2005 18:54
Can you autotune a ghost?

Not sure about ghosts, but I regularly hear AT deployed on performers that are completely devoid of substance...


Jonas as:
Aren't there a lot of people believing subsonic sound (<20hz) is the reason for a lot of "ghost encounters".

People feeling sudden depression, visual disturbance, suddenly feeling the presence of "something".

Cetairnly could be an issue in studios,
depending on your speakers, that is


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