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now, i understand why bands think tape sounds better

probably pavlovian

I saw that scam pulled a few times, I must admit.. but it's not QUITE fair to blame the studios (and RPS was far from the only one) although they were certainly complicit.

Producer would pay some of the bill in cash but would also be billing the record label. Perhaps he'd make a deal to pay for food or extra rentals or SOMETHING in cash above the basic bill.
Then he'd ask the studio to stick a few extra reels of tape on there (at $200 a reel) and so when the bill is settled there is an extra 400 payed by the label that does not have to be paid by the producer in cash. It's a credit basically.

So that's $400 in cash to the producer that the producer can spend on "whatever" (nudge nudge, know what I mean? eh?).
The studios didn't BUY or provide drugs... just the money 'laundering'.

At least that's what I saw.

Andy Jackson:
DennisC wrote on Wed, 23 March 2005 18:59

Which was was rebuffed on Pink Fraud's album "Division Bell" during the Boxing bell part of one of the tracks...where Dave says he offered the olive branch to "his Enemy's" and was told to "Go and F*ck himself".

No sorry, it's about DG's next door neighbour at that time.

from Andy Jackson, who was there!

Welcome, Andy, great to see you here!

maxim wrote on Fri, 25 March 2005 23:27
ryan moore wrote:

"On another note: freebasing producers at the helm.
I bet those productions were REALLY GREAT..
Not... "

that's a big assumption

i would say most of world's great recordings have involved some kind of substance abuse (even if it was just tape)

Heroin makes for better records than coke though

(....see Exile on Main Street.....)


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