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DennisC wrote on Tue, 22 March 2005 15:39
Well, you have been more than generous with the ZZ Top stories.
Do you happen to have any Roger Waters stories to share?
CP is credited on one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE albums, Amused to Death.

Can you share anything at all about those sessions?

Hi Dennis,

I too love Amused To Death, and was really into Radio KAOS back in the day, which was also done here.  Although I wasn't stationed yet at Compass Point when he recorded those, Roger has been coming to Compass Point in recent years as well, and has become a good friend.  He's been working on a new album, and I must say it is great.  I don't think it will be finished for a while yet, though.

Roger was also at CPS recently to put the very final blessings on the SACD remixing from the original multitrack masters of Dark Side Of The Moon.  For those, James Guthrie went back to the oldest multi's; the original vinyl album was mixed from bounced, second generation multitracks, so the originals had never been fully used before.  Back when tracked, they couldn't sync up the machines well enough for that, but now they could.

We expect to see Roger again soon.  Stay tuned...

compasspnt wrote on Tue, 22 March 2005 22:14
He's been working on a new album, and I must say it is great.

Thank you, you just made my decade...

I'll second that!  


Dennis Allen Cupp:
Do you need an assistant to work for FREE on these session ????

Oooh Oooh (hand raised) ME FIRST ! I asked first!

His tour 4 years ago was simply amazing! He invited some memphians to play on  a couple of songs, one played trumpet and other sax....what was their names....ummmmm, oh yeah Memphis Horns, and Wayne really Stole the show when he did a Trumpet solo on (Set the Controls). I've never seen people rise to their feet on a trumpet solo. I told him how awesome it was a couple of years later at a Premier Players award show. What a cool chap!

Pro's and Cons is awesome.
Kaos is OK, they should have shot the drummer...oh wait, i think they did...thats the reason there is a DRUM MACHINE (Barf) on that album.
Amused is his finest work since the Final Cut.

Do you happen to know what tracks from Amused to Death he did at CP ?

As for his current solo cd, well, he's been on it now for 10+ years, right?

And who would have thought HE would have grown up to look like Richard Gere ????

So are you also saying that he is Remixing some solo stuff in 5.1. Now if that is a fact......oops, i just wet myself.

Tell me its so?


Brian Kehew:
I have bought Amused to Death about ten times - I give it away to people (especially studio folks) who don't know it. It's certainly a "takes time to appreciate" record, as it doesn't hit you over the head with melody and hooks and so on. I have some stories I know from people who worked on it, only a few of which I might be able to share publicly!

Trivia quiz, on the line: "Each man has his price, Bob. And yours was pretty low." Who was Bob, And why did he get mentioned by name on the record?


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