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Please tell me about Daniel N Flickinger

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Hi Terry - This is my first post on REP and I'm a little bit in awe - 'I'll Take You There' is one my my favourite-sounding records ever, perhaps second only to Chris Blackwell's work with Grace Jones at Compass Point.
I recently read this story: http://www.pastemagazine.com/action/article?article_id=1467 about the Flickinger console built for Sly Stone. It's pretty hyped up, but got me really interested in Dan Flickinger - but there's only a tiny amount of information on the web. (Although I did read that he bought five of the first batch of ten minimoogs!)
In another post on this site, GM said that Flickinger has "been out of audio since somewhere around the time of the Ike Turner/Bolic Sound debacle" which doesn't mean much to me.
Does anyone have any stories about him or his work? It sounds like he did some great things (I read that a Flickinger 2269 was used by Robert Margouleff to record Stevie Wonder's vocals in the 70s), then disappeared.

Sorry to chime in here - but the folks from Key Club / Skibbe Electronics have a 'Sly Stone' Flickenger console & are apparently planning to issue a preamp based on the Flickenger - could be interesting: http://www.keyclubrecording.com/

<quote from site>

"Gear in the works

Remote gain preamp inspired by Flickinger mic pre monolithe OP                   Amp

All Skibbe Electronics products are hand built and tested at The                   Key Club Recording Co. in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Please e-mail                   skibbeelectronics@keyclubrecording.com                   or call or call 269.926.7553 for more information or to order."

BTW I just read the link above about the Kills recording & Key Club almost certainly must be the studio they found w Sly Stone Flickenger

Yeah the Kills did that album at Key Club about a year ago.  Bill has tracked down a ton of info about Dan Flickinger and his consoles and he really should publish it.  I went out to Key Club to pick up a tape machine and got the whole story over about 4 hours.  It's a must hear for studio geeks.

The description of Sly's desk is pretty accurate: it does have black light paint, the meters are beyond psychedelic and the board itself is just a controller for racks of amp card based electronics.  It's also pretty temperamental according to my friend who has worked on the circuits - the EQs will blow up and oscillate!  That board is apparently the oldest parametric EQ around.

I would recommend anyone looking to do a project and wanting to get away from the city to give Bill and his studio a look.  

We had some huge, tube compressors built by Flickinger at the Record Plant... they were very Fairchild-like (more than any other that CLAIMS that) and good sounding.
But BIG.

The one time I worked on a Flickinger console however I was underwhelmed.

Was it Fame that had one, Terry?


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