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The Famous Fifteen Minute Deaf Mix Story

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zmix wrote on Sun, 13 March 2005 11:40
Beethoven composed the entire ninth symphony after becoming stone deaf...

Further proof that we really do feel the music.

Great story Terry! That's awesome.

David Kulka:
Not long ago I met a well known engineer who sometimes does 5.1 mixes without using any surround speakers.  Despite being assured that they turn out just fine I was rather skeptical, but after reading Terry's story I guess I'm ready to believe it!

OK, here's the Deaf Mix, as an mp3.

It turns out the Famous Fifteen Minute Deaf Mix was done in October of '97.  I remember more about it now, after hearing it again.  I tried to make decisions which wouldn't cloud things, such as making sure that what appeared to be the lead vocal was plenty loud, making sure that what appeared to be the bass wasn't too loud, so as to cover anything up, making sure that anything which appeared to have a lot of sustain wasn't too loud, and not getting too much reverb on anything.  All of these things were what we indeed tweaked from this "deaf" pass for the final, so it actually could have been even closer.

When listening, bear in mind that I could hear absolutely nothing as I mixed, and that this mp3 (ugh) came from a Dat machine (ugh!).  The real final was sent to 1/2".

http://www.compasspointstudios.com/Famous_15_Min_Deaf_Mix.mp 3

WOW!  Can I send you the reels of my band's new record and have you mix it without monitors?  I'll even give you track sheets.  I'm not sure whether to be inspired or to quit.

That's pretty good for a blind mix Terry!


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