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Author Topic: Did I fry my PRO VLA  (Read 926 times)


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Did I fry my PRO VLA
« on: March 10, 2005, 02:39:58 pm »

I bought a supposedly new in box "last of the USA made" Art PRO VLA's off of Ebay. In the picture it was outside of the box, and the seller only had 2 previous sales, so I was a little suspect, but I went ahead about purchased it anyway.

When I recieved it, the box looked beat up and old, but the unit looked absolutely brand new. I hooked it up to my studiomaster console with 2 unbalanced cables out of my tape bus into the unit,, then 2 unbalanced cables out of the unit and into track 1 and 2 on the board. I had faders up but no signal was being passed yet, and the mixer was on. Then I turned on the power on the PRO VLA and the VU meters lit up for about 1 second then went black. Now it doesn't power up at all.

The seller won't hasn't responded to my multiple emails, it's been about 3 days. I don't know if he sent me a non functional unit, or if I fried it. The VU meters did light for a second,, and now they don't light at all and the unit doesn't turn on. The manual says it has balanced ins/outs but it claims it will work fine with unbalanced cables as well.

Any ideas for me? Thanks guys.


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Re: Did I fry my PRO VLA
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2005, 03:01:45 pm »

From your description I can't see how you could have "fried it", you would have to do something v.silly for that to occur.

You might be better off putting this Q in Klett's forum btw.

If the seller isn't responding it looks fishy, but then again it did light up briefly...

Have you fixed epqt before? I would check the internal fuses first - then disconnect the DC power rails and measure their voltage to see if they are in tolerance. You may need a schematic / manual to find the rail voltages though.

I have noticed threads on the 'web where people claim to have modified these units, you could always post a query at a place where the "tweakers" hang such as this forum: http://www.prodigy-pro.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

The only way you could have damaged it from what I can make out would be (I don't know the o/p config on this unit, so this is pure speculation) *maybe* if you shorted one of the legs on the o/p to ground - some types of o/p-stage can be damaged by this treatment, however, it wouldn't usually cause a complete power-down... This is rough speculation though.

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