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Songs from the 60's and 70's, obscure or not, that really stand out

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Great documentary ....Tom Dowd makes you feel like you're there with him ..neat guy ..hope more films like that are made.


Seven pages an no mention of The Stooges 'Funhouse'?    Hard edged sound with really intense performances that really were captured with minimal crap between the band and the tape.  A truly classic rock album in my view.

David Kulka:
In the discussion of foot stomping sounds, somehow no mention was made of "Foot Stomping", by the Flairs.  That's a great, early R&B/rock song.

Also, a page or two back, somebody mentioned Allen Toussaint and the New Orleans R&B songs.  Oh right, that was me.  Another of his great but now obscure productions is "Nearer To You" by Betty Harris, on the Sansu label.  With its commanding vocal, church-heart keyboards,  and soulful chorus "Nearer To You" could have been a beautiful gospel song, but instead it was a beautiful love song that made #16 on the R&B charts.

I'm not so sure that anyone here will go out of their way to find an old Betty Harris or Chi-Lites record but trust me, these are great old recordings that are worth having.  If you run across one in a used record store cheap, buy it.

P.S.  I'd like to know more about the history of New Orleans R&B and rock and I'd start a thread on it, but I guess this forum is about to be retired.  Still, if anyone here can recommend a book or DVD or two, I'd like to know about them.

P.P.S.  Thanks again, Terry.

greg thum:
tarmadilo- Strange how these posts have evolved.Dan Kennedy questions,what happened to Dave Bromberg,tarmadilo responds.David Kulka mentions Tom Dowd,vernier replies...nothing unusual about that.But...

I too had lost track of Dave Bromberg`s career over the years but have some information as to how it began.Surprisingly,at least for me,he toured with Jerry Jeff Walker for a few years in the late 60`s.The original version of"Mr.Bojangles",recorded by Tom Dowd featured Dave Bromberg on second guitar.If memory serves it was recorded  at a radio station and was to be used as a demo.That "demo" version is the one used on Jerry Jeff Walker`s second album "Five Years Gone" .

greg thum


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