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Question on Routing


I use Logic 9 on a newer MacBook Pro and have the Apogee Mini-Me Audio interface for about 4 years now ... it's a pain to be plugging and unplugging mics, instruments into and out of it all the time.  :( I have a combination of xlr and 1/4 inputs:

vocal mic
acoustic guitar mic
acoustic guitar (straight in)
electric guitar mic
electric guitar (straight in)
Yamaha Motif

The board I have (Mackie 1202 VLZ3) for small live gigs is useless to go thru for routing as it introduces significant hiss.

My question:

On an extremely limited budget, what is the most practical way to have everything plugged in and available? New interface, another board, any other solution?

I would have thought that someone made some type of "switcher box" with toggles for routing but a noiseless one is not to be had as far as I can tell.

BTW - a patch bay with 1/4 and XLR's seems to be a bit expensive would require plugging/unplugging

Perhaps a board would be the solution, but what would be ideal given limited funds?



A quality patchbay is going to be your best and cheapest bet. If you think that's too expensive, you really don't want to start looking into consoles. Figure out how much you paid for that Mackie (probably more than what a cheap 1/4" patchbay is going to cost you) and since you're already complaining about the sound quality, imagine what something that costs less will sound like.

Good quality audio is an expensive endeavor. If there were ultra-cheap products that sounded like the really expensive ones we'd all have fatter wallets.


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