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Author Topic: Atty2'D for the blues  (Read 2347 times)

nuke rockne

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Atty2'D for the blues
« on: February 14, 2005, 11:11:39 am »

i had been looking for attenuators for the 8 outs of LavBlues, to use in my mixerless studio, to interface analog comp's, eq's into my daw.   I had been using an Atty 2 in/out to go from Daw out to my Genelecs.  this has worked great for me,  it sounded great and it didn't seem to get the uneven balances that i would expect from a none stepped attenuator.

then i got the Atty2'D from A Designs, that has 2 stereo i/o's and 2 mono
i/o's,  as well as a master mute.    this fits nicely under my 23" display.
i have this in my patchbay to push/cut the input stages of my compressors,
i.e. Telefunken cassettes, filter banks, Modular synths, etc.

i can now use these as plug ins for my DAW with minimal hassle.  I can vary the outputs from the awesome Lavry converters.   I had been using digital attenuation from the DAW,  and i didn't realize how bad that sounded till i used the analog Atty2'D.    i can also patch my surround speakers to this unit and have a control center under my moniter now,  right in the sweet spot!

highly recommended
-'calmer than you are, dude' - walter
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