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Andre Vare:
Congratulations on the migration to the new forum software!


Thanks Andre. We hope it will indeed be faster and have no daily down time like the previous one.

Yep thanks Andre... I've got my fingers crossed that this new software will be an improvement... the powers that be all seem to think it will be!...

There will be no daily downtime [which those in the EU know was from like 10a to about noon everyday - real pain in the arse to say the least].  The new software should run faster, have a better search function - the "no downtime for backups" thing... and in general be an improvement.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please PM me and your message will tended to / conveyed to the correct "powers that be" as quickly as possible.


Glad I found where ye all had vanished to!
Regarding the new software. I see Real Full Names on some peoples posts, while on others, absent.
Ditto Locations.
As RFN is mandatory, I think, and agree with, is this a Bug?
Ditto Locations, it is continually useful not to have to ask.


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