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WELCOME From Terry, Here's what we're about here...

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Bill Mueller:


You left out Shania.

Best Regards,


Bill Mueller wrote on Fri, 04 February 2005 00:35

You left out Shania.

Best Regards,


Which Shania?

Welcome Terry,

Me tooooo as this is my 1st post to this forum.
I've always been a HUGE fan of your work, starting with Led Zep3, but mostly ZZ.  

We have a mutual friend in Texas as I'm from Tyler. In 1982 I started spending a lot of time at Robin Hood Bryans Studio. Robin showed me a lot back then and am still very thankful today for his help with my dream of being a recording engineer.  

Those 1st few ZZ Top albums I bought were on 8-track tape and vinyl.  Once they were available on CD I was able to close my eyes and listen, transport myself right into the room those records were recorded in... great fun.  Then in the 80's they got REALLY fun !!!

Now celebrating 20 years as a professional in the business, 10 yrs in LA / 10 yrs in Nashville.  I'm very thankful for all the fine music you have made Terry, which has certainly affected the way I listen.

More later .. I've got to comp a few vocals too.


Hey Terry, Paul Wolff here.  When are you going to do another LK record?  He needs you...

I hope all is well, almost got down there last summer, but I quit API and had to get my shit together with Tonelux.  Soon...

Tonelux wrote on Sat, 12 February 2005 00:22
Hey Terry, Paul Wolff here.  When are you going to do another LK record?  He needs you...

Hello Paul!  Great to see you here, as it is always great to see or hear from you!

I don't know when, if ever, that I will do another Lenny album.  We have talked about it a couple of times since my leaving after "5," but nothing concrete.  My busy schedule wouldn't allow it at the time, because I had started the Shakira album, and that went on for 14 months...that left little time for anything else.  Hopefully someday, though.  I think LK is a very talented guy, and we worked well together.

For those few of you in this forum who might not be aware of it, please check out Paul's great new Tonelux gear!


Paul was THE man at API for many years, and was responsible for the continuance of that great line with very high quality, and also for the introduction of several great and useful new API products utilizing the classic components.  Now he has left API, and has founded Tonelux.  There he is designing innovative components for custom console creations of any size.  That's my shameless plug for Paul, since he didn't do it himself!



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