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Hello all,

Since I've been asked to host this guest forum, and most of you probably don't know who I am, I guess I'll have to give a short synopsis, just to generate some topics here.  Don't usually like bios, discographys, public displays, and such, but well, here we are, so...

Started in professional music recording in the early 60's in El Paso, Texas, playing in my band, and with my friend Bobby Fuller, who later had The Bobby Fuller Four out of LA.  Bobby & I both had what would now be called "home" studios, but then it was all we could get.

Moved to Memphis in '63 and began working at Stax Records and Ardent Studios as musician, engineer, producer, writer, etc.  Tracked and/or mixed (often as engineer for producer/co-mixers such as Steve Cropper or Willie Mitchell) many of the things out of that area such as Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, All Green, The Box Tops, Albert King, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge, many blues artists, and so on.  Learned much of engineering techniques from the great John Fry, engineer extraordinaire, and owner of Ardent.

Began producing within a couple of years (whether co-producing at Stax with the likes of Al Bell, etc., or independently for much of the rock music of the region).  Started a label with my friend and partner John Fry (Ardent Records) and we came up with groups such as Big Star, Cargoe, and others.

Engineered part of Led Zeppelin 3, mixed it, and mastered it, for my good friend Jimmy Page.

Engineered ZZ Top for many years, all the albums from Tres Hombres through Eliminator.

Expanded producing base with artists such as Joe Cocker, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joe Walsh, Jason & The Scorchers, George Thorogood & The Destroyers (did all of theirs through '94) and many others.  Discographys are out there somewhere if you really care enough to look for them.

Moved to London in mid-80's, and based myself out of Abbey Road Studios.

Back to Memphis where I bought a studio building, and ran a 2 studio operation for several years.

Moved to Nassau, Bahamas in '92 to partner with Chris Blackwell in revitalizing Compass Point Studios, one of the great recording facilities of modern music.  It had fallen down a bit, and CB wanted to "bring it back."  My wife Sherrie and I did that, and that's where I am today (comping those vocals.)

Some more recent work has included the Lenny Kravitz "5" album (the one with "Fly Away") and Shakira's "Laundry Service," each of which took well over a year to record.  Just recently have been working with the great talent Jesse Harris, on his solo works,

Today am in the studio with "Red Phoenix" from Australia; tracked it in Sydney, and now doing overdubs and mixing here at Compass Point.  About a three-four month project.

Here at CP, we have 2 large studios, and cater to many styles of music from all across the world; a somewhat eclectic and exciting mix of styles and great people.  I do most of my work here, and also mix for other projects, and master as well on occasion.

I have a company called Lucas Engineering which make tube (valve) Limiters, Equalisers, and mic pre's, as well as the non-tube "Deceiver" guitar recording/distribution box.  We sell it to a few people, but try not to let it get out too much; I need to use it myself!

That's about it for now.

I'll start answering the already posted questions late tonight when today's session work is finished!

All the best,

Terry Manning

Jason Phair:

Reading your posts here and there, I've been wanting to see more from you!

Wow two days in and this is already my fav R/E/P spot.

Your tell it like it is, non brovado style is 23 skidoo  

archtop wrote on Wed, 02 February 2005 10:29
Wow two days in and this is already my fav R/E/P spot.

God, help me, but it's mine, too. And after reading everything here, only then do I go see what's in my forum. Terry's responsible for a lot of my all time favorite records.

Welcome Terry.  We're glad you're here.


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