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The different V76 models

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Oliver Archut:
No it is not a miracle worker, it just get everything there is to get out of the mic that is hooked up.

The SM57 is a pretty good sounding mic, only problem is the transformer, either you get yourself a mic pre with a pretty good resolution or you mod the SM57 with a new x-former.

As I said before it can also happen that a 47 will not sound good at all.

Best regards,

Andy Simpson:
Oliver, I would be very grateful if you could you elaborate on the transformer upgrade for the sm57? Have you done it?, What part did you use? and what were the results?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

It'd probably sound like an SM-5 or SM-7.  I know that the SM-5 is based around the same Unidyne III capsule as the SM57.  If you poke around, you'll be able to find directions for pulling the transformer from a 57.

I would also be interested to know what transformers you'd reccomend, Oliver.

Oliver Archut:
Hello Andy,

I did a couple of sample x-formers a few years back, the stock x-former is a joke...
Biggest problem a good update x-former cost more than the mic itself so there is no market for selling it....
The sample that my test subjects like most was wound foilstyle,
no phase shift low strayfield...

Best regards,

could you suggest an existing transformer that would work well (or at least better) in an SM-57?


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