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The different V76 models

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I recall a thread in PSW about removing the tranny all together in a SM57 but can't find it now...

Aparantly this works well for loud instruments where you won't need to use as much gain.

The same thread mentioned using Jensen tranny but in an outboard box.

If you bypass the tranny make sure you wire the + and - properly otherwise it'll be out of phase.


Oliver Archut:
The SM57 is quite difficult to match to a transformer and to my knowledge there is no after market x-former currently available that will compliment the capsule of the mic.
Due to the low impedance a step-up transformer is needed, just taking a similar ratio will just pass sound, does it sounds good or improves the stock version? That is hard to say.
Placing a larger core x-former in a box, is not an solution at all, and direct no x-former is in my opinion questionable.

A direct coupled x-former with an electronic circuit that is phantom powered might be a solution...

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