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V72 low frequency roll off


Now that we're all here - something I've <always> wondered about is with the standard V72 - wasn't there some low frequency roll off that could be bypassed by simply bridging a capacitor / resistor somewhere in the circuit?

That seems pretty straight forward to do DIY style..

If this is the case - <where> does this place that must be bypassed reside?
I would like to free the low end..

Thank you Sir!!

PS -   if the above is complete hooey - sorry 'bout that..


OK just saw the above post about V72 gain mod

< 95% of all V72 units are IRT speced and have a frequency limiting x-former, both high and low shuts off or better roll off quite fast... due to the way the coils are hooked up.
The first step is to change the x-former to the "S" spec version in order to play with the gain...  >

All very interesting - *thanks again for sharing all this info..

So I take it the naughty part is the Xformer then..?

Was curious what the Freqs & DB of the built in roll offs are with the IRT spec V72s

All the best,


Oliver Archut:
Hello Ryan,

as you already saw in the 72 gain postings there is a frequency roll off, bridging 2a/b on the tuchel connector gives you a bit more bass, but changing over the input gets you a response like the V76 down to 6Hz. Not always wanted or needed....

Hope that helps...


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