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Oliver Archut:
Dear all,

thanks for having me here, it is quite a challenge to balance the moderation with my day job.

First the necessary boundaries, I believe that all people coming here reading or posting have the same interest, sharing information about audio, so lets please treat each other with respect, otherwise I have to help out a bit...

For anybody that does not know me, just call me Oliver.
To my person, I own and operate a small audio manufacturing company called AMI, doing business for ten years (here in the US) under the TAB-Funkenwerk brand name and in the past as Jester Products; design and manufacturing of new parts and products, as well as rebuilding and custom manufacturing of historic audio equipment...

Before I started my own company I worked briefly for a few small companies such as THD, etc. here in the US, back in germany (were I grew up and got my education) I worked in the after masses of AEG-Telefunken, during that time called AEG-Daimler Benz.

I hope we get to know us better and we have a good time for January.

Attached is a pic of me...

Barry Hufker:

You look - uh... - "happy" (yeah, that's it) as you look as the snow storm.


I moderate another forum which is not audio related. One tip I can give you is I do it for 1 hour during each day. Sometimes 30 mins. When time is up, time is up! I don't even visit between times and if something is urgent, other members email me. Nothing on a web board is so urgent it can't wait for 23 hours!

I hope this helps as I know you are quite busy!

Lee Tyler:
Barry Hufker wrote on Mon, 03 January 2005 16:35

You look - uh... - "happy" (yeah, that's it) as you look as the snow storm.


That "snow" you descibe. Is it those diffuse linear white streaks that I see on that pic?      

ted nightshade:
Well thanks for moderating Oliver! I hope the hour-a-day plan or some similar can work well for you. It might encourage other busy people who know a lot of useful stuff to take their turn.



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