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Author Topic: You can only pick 8 preamp channels.  (Read 1437 times)


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You can only pick 8 preamp channels.
« on: December 29, 2004, 08:46:57 pm »

I've read so many posts about selecting a preamp.  I live in a small town hours away from another person who even owns a $1000 preamp... much less a city that I could try out these preamps.  However,  I get next to no benefit from people calling a preamp "warm", "punchy", or "fat /phat".  I still don't know what any of those words mean.

It seams that a person who is doing hyper "research" online is trying to get the most bang for the dollar.  It's very complicated trying to find that one preamp when you can only afford one.  The problem is that not one preamp will be great for all things.  

I noticed another post a guy was dead set on a 1073 preamp.  Sure, I read in EQ that they used them on Zakk Wylde's guitar rig.  I'm guessing the preamp is solid.  Of course, the only thing I know is that it gets used by the big boys.  I don't have a clue what it sounds like.

So.  It appears to me that a better way of helping us people who live in Norway or Missouri find the killer preamps is by listing the 8 preamp channels you could not live with out.  This is kind of like a hypothetical deserted island concept.  

The cool part about this concept is you don't have to pick on preamp to end all preamps and you can specialize.  You can pick a clean preamp for whatever you use a clean preamp for and a colored preamp for whatever you use a colored preamp for.

So.  If you could only have 8 channels of preamps, what would they be?  (feel free to mix and match).

Brandon Drury


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Re: You can only pick 8 preamp channels.
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2004, 09:21:40 pm »

Here's one idea, the inexpensive route:


- 2 channels of the 1272 type, 2 channels of the 312 type, and 2 channels of the Jenson.

Then, add in the Great River NV 1 channel, and the new Tab-Funkenwerk V78 (1 channel).

There, that's 8 Smile

The more expensive route:

new Neve 1084 - 1ch
API 512 - 2ch
GML 8302 - 2 ch
Telefunken V72 - 1 or 2 ch
Chandler TG2 - 2 ch
Kurt Thompson
Vibrational Arts, Inc.
Blue Skyway Music
Sonic Sorcery Studios
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