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Author Topic: Disaster relief and other atrocities  (Read 3577 times)


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Re: Disaster relief and other atrocities
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2005, 03:51:19 am »

The Geneva Convention is not being enforced at Guantanamo on 'detainees'.

The Attorney General elect decided it was not in play for this war, that's not a war anyway.

Either it IS or it IS NOT a war?  I say it is not.
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Re: Disaster relief and other atrocities
« Reply #16 on: February 02, 2005, 07:41:26 am »


Please let me apologize again for anytime I got too excited in the past about this stuff......

I have been of course reading your other posts throughout the forum and although we disagree here and there, I owe you the respect for helping others and taking the time to give your opinion on the wide variety of subjects throughout the forum...

Without people who are willing to help, losers like myself would never get a laig up....

As for your lame-o communist propaganda  Cool (I hope you will remember that this is opinion, and what do I know...)

Which fukken article of the Geneva convention is being broken.

You see, in '45 they would have been shot for not wearing a uniform....like....on the spot...and by the way we can look it up....but that is in the Geneva convention....

I don't want to win (even though I usually do) this argument I would like to be informed about how my countrymen are rat-bastards....on the whole and these other folk pitching children into pits are really misunderstood underdogs and need to be defended....

I anxiously await your opinion....

Your friendly nemesis in the fatherland...

I used to be self effacing, but I couldn't even do that right....
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